Modern lifestyle acessories

Whether it is to hold your turned-up jeans in place or to add your own unique personal touch to your clothes – what could be better than a piece of jewellery?

The idea: fix your turn-ups in place in a few seconds, adding an extra touch. A system of clips and hey presto - that’s all there is too it!

You just place the CLIP n GO onto the fabric and then pass the two little arms into the fold, it’s as simple as that!

The CLIP n GO jewel for clothing can be personalized as much as you want for an original look - chic or vintage it adds its own distinct touch. Available in a range of colours and (hypoallergenic) materials, there is something for everyone!

So just let your imagination go wild – clipping wherever you want – hats, jackets, shorts, trousers, shoes – anything goes!

CLIP n GO, where the practical and beautiful unite!