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Rock Base Nail Hardener and Ridge Filler by Isadora 6 ml.

Nail treatment for soft, thin and weak nails 

Nail hardener 
Makes the nails stronger, harder and more resistant. 

Ridge filler 
Evens out ridges and gives a glossy, smooth and even nail surface. 

Reduces the loss of nail hydration, locks in moisture. 

Optical brightening pigments (soft, pink shade) 
that brighten the nail. 

Shields the nail surface and prevents damage. 

Ideal for nails that have been weakened by 
semi-permanent manicures. 
• Caring base coat 
• Nail hardener and ridge filler 
• Protector 
• Moisturizer 
• Brightener (optical brightening pigments) 
• Leaves the nail glossy and smooth 
• Extends the wear of any nail polish 
• Treatment for soft, thin and weak nails 
• Remove with IsaDora Nail Polish Remover 

Neonyca (celery seed extract) – strengthening, thickening, ridge filling and moisturizing* 
*Claims substantiated by in vivo efficacy test. 

1. Apply 2 layers on bare nails. 
2. Re-apply every 2-3 days. Remove with IsaDora Nail Polish Remover once a week. 
3. Repeat the treatment. 
Can also be used as a caring base coat under your normal nail polish. 

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