Man Secret Serum

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Anesi Man Secret Serum 50ML.
Man Secret is a wonderfully refreshing anti-age serum and aftershave in one. Contains the exclusive ingredient Meteorite extract that combats the first signs of skin aging. Provides cooling and refreshment after shaving or showering. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.


Restores the skin and strengthens the natural skin barrier.
Improves skin elasticity.
Reduces the number and depth of wrinkles.
Reduces visible signs of fatigue and revitalizes the skin.

Active ingredients:

Meteorite extract: exclusive ingredient from the solar system, rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, which is absorbed more intensively by the skin in comparison with other minerals. This rich ingredient strengthens, protects, stimulates cell regeneration, strengthens the natural skin barrier and reduces wrinkle formation.
Rhodocrosite extract: protects skin cells against UV radiation.
Mineral extract Olivine: limits the signs of stress and fatigue.
Mineral extract Smithsonite: rich in zinc, prevents the formation of pigmentation spots.
Champagne leaf extract: stimulates skin cells and improves skin structure.
Frescolat®: ingredient with a refreshing effect.

The skin becomes firmer, more elastic and looks fresher.
Serum with a light, non-greasy texture that is immediately absorbed by the skin.
Hydrating effect in the long term.
Ideal as an after shave due to its refreshing, calming and moisturizing effect.

Use: Apply daily to the face and neck after shaving and / or showering.

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