Funghi Clear

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Funghi Clear recommended for athlete's foot, fungal nail or swimmers' eczema. Bottle of spray 50ML.

Of course:

Funghi Clear is formulated on the basis of Manuka oil from New Zealand and three other natural active ingredients. The oil from the Manuka bush is known (for centuries by the local Maori) for its strong fungicidal effect.

In addition to Manuka oil, Funghi Clear contains basil oil. This has the unique property that it helps to transport the Manuka oil through the nail plate to the place where the fungus really is. The peppermint oil provides a cooling and anti-itch effect. Finally, the lavender oil gives the product a pleasant scent.

Cleverly designed:

FunghiClear comes in a unique spray bottle that makes it easy to apply the spray to the skin of your foot, nails and the inside of your shoes.

FunghiClear has a pleasant scent so you can always come up with it. This in turn ensures that the cure is easy to maintain, which increases the chance of a good result.


Dry the feet
Use Fungi Clear 2x a day.
Use Fungi Clear twice a day in the shoes.
Use Funghi Clear for 3-4 months.
Use Funghi Clear on the feet and nails.
Keep Fungi Clear out of the reach of children.

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