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Perfect Glow Highlighter Champagne Glow 60 by Isadora 2.8g.

Champagne Glow 60 from the Holliday Collection 2020 by Isadora.

A halo-effect highlighter to enhance your natural glow.

Adds halo-effect radiance to your look
Silky, translucent finish
Lightweight – won’t weigh your skin down

Why We Love It:
Add a little radiance to your look with our Perfect Glow Highlighter. Thanks to its unique blend of ultra fine mica pearls and halo-effect pearls, your skin will look as though it’s bathed in an angelic glow. Goes on easily and feels light and natural on your skin. You’ll love how fresh and luminous you look.

Hero Ingredients:
Ultra fine mica pearls – create a perfect translucent finish. Halo-effect pearls

How To Use it:
Using your highlighter brush, sweep along the high points of your face, chest or wherever you want for a beautiful, luminous glow.

Pro Tips:
Our Perfect Glow Highlighter is a true multitasker. Brush a little highlighter under your brow bones to make your eyes appear larger. Surviving on only a few hours sleep? Dab a little highlighter on the center of your eyelids and inner corners of your eyes so they’ll look brighter and more alert.

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