Cerazyme DNA Facial Serum

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Cerazyme DNA Facial Serum by Depilève, handy Roll-on bottle 8ML.

Serum for the care of the skin under the eyebrows, the face and bikini area. Thanks to the molecular structure of the active ingredients and the occlusive effect of the DNA MASK film wax, they can penetrate deep into the skin. Packed in a handy roll-on that can be used at home after hair removal to further care for the skin for optimal results.


Deep hydration, fills wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity
Increases vitality
Promotes skin regeneration
Strengthens and redraws the contour of the face
Firms the skin
Prevents skin aging


Enzyme Q10
Marine DNA Filaments
Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)
Poppy seed oil

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